Vanilla shake
"I reordered the vanilla shake. That should tell you how much I like it. "
Matthew B.
"I love the chocolate Keto Protein shake as a meal replacement once or twice a week. It is so good blended with unsweetened almond milk and ice. Sometimes I add almond nut butter or PB2 to mine. My handicapped son has seizures and is overweight so after I gave it the MOM test I ordered him the vanilla! I have him on this as a supplement to the Keto mals I make for him. I always post your name when I mention on my Keto sites on facebook how delicious and filling it is. Great product! Keeps me in Ketosis"
Judy W.
Love this!
"I use this in my morning tea. Tastes great and no after taste."
Vanilla Keto
"I would use in place of milk just add water"
Excellent Value!
"No settling, you get a full container and it's delicious!"
Delicious and Filling
"I loved the sample of the Ketologie Strawberry Shake I received in my Keto Krate last month. These are perfect for when I travel! I bought more in the travel packs, and a HUGE chocolate version for at home. These have just the right macros, the chocolate is rich and delicious, and most importantly did not throw me out of ketosis. I checked my blood levels before, and two hours after drinking the chocolate shake. That was a big test! Loving these products!"
Emily F.
Strawberry goodness
"I absolutely LOVE this flavor! I have had this one & chocolate and this is my favorite! It’s perfect with unsweetened almond milk avocado & strawberries!!! I will keep buying this! It’s creamy and tastes exactly like strawberries "
Alura Clark
Ketologie Keto Protein Shakes
"Love these shakes!"
Brenda B.
Strawberry Keto Protein Shake
"Love Ketologie shakes, they are delicious! The best Strawberry shake I’ve ever tasted! Also love the Chocolate Protein Shake...the best! "
Brenda B.
Chocolate keto protein shake
"This is a staple in our pantry. Tastes amazing, mixes well and the ratios of fat, carbs and protein are perfect for me. "
Michelle L.
"So good! Easy to digest and easy to shake! My fave flavor! "
So good
"I love the strawberry shake, I’m ordering the chocolate one next! I drink my shake once a day. It’s perfect."
Ambie L.
Keto Chocolate Shake- yum 😋
"I love this shake.Easy to grab and go, mixes easily with water in just a shaker.Not too sweet but very “chocolatey “Well done ✅ "
Kari G.
Madagascar Vanilla.....
"I’ve been using this sweetner for a year now and by far it’s the best. It measures like sugar and tastes fabulous. I cannot be without it, I always have a spare in my pantry. I’m over 50 and have lost 40 lbs in one year doing the keto lifestyle and this sweetner is the key."
Denise B.
Heavenly! Strawberry shake.
"I absolutely love the strawberry protein powder and absolutely suggested getting this product! It taste like a strawberry shake!! "
Whitney G.
Chocolate Keto Protein Shake
"I loved this product. Mixed powder with unsweetened almond milk, 2 oz heavy whipping cream with ice cubes in blender, just like a chocolate shake....looking forward to trying the strawberry also"
Susan M.
"I love all 3 flavors but the strawberry is my favorite ... it's like drinking a milkshake!"
Like Strawberry Milk!
"The strawberry shake is so delicious, and fits right into my diet. Would definitely recommend to anyone on keto!"
Freaking Awesome
"These keto meal replacement shakes are absolutely fantastic, no funky aftertaste, and satisfying."
Jeremy G.
Childhood cereal milk
"Loved it! Was a sample in “ theketobox “ and I couldn’t be happier! Taste like a delicious shake of frankenberry cereal milk, ones of my childhood faves! An awesome, “ I need a sweet” treat that is delicious and low carb!!!!! It’s a win! "
Hope K.
Tastes great
"Tastes Delicious... I added raspberries and made it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Very good. "
Christal P.
Strawberry Keto Shake
"Love, love, love the strawberry shake. Especially with a few Wild berries tossed in. My husband loves starting his day with a creamy, rich "milkshake". "
Chala R.
Outstanding protein powder!
"This is an excellent keto friendly protein powder! A hint of sweetener using stevia but no horrible aftertaste. Definitely worth a try!"
Josephine T.
Best shake I’ve ever had!
"I bought the chocolate and it’s the only flavor I’ve tried so far - but - it is amazing. I mix mine with 8oz unsweetened almond/coconut blend milk & water, plus a splash of HWC & ice in the blender. It legit tastes like a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s. I LOVE IT. I am a customer for life!"
Lacey B.
Great product
"Great taste, perfect macro mix. Highly recommend. "
Kristen W.
Yum yum slim tum
"So much better than ketones from other suppliers!! Effective and tasty!"
David O.
"I love the strawberry flavor! Mixed it with some unsweetened almond milk and it tasted like Strawberry milk!"
Elana N.
The 21 day keto kickstart program
"I love! Love! These products. Amazing taste, convinient for busy parents or anyone whi is looking to start a healthy lifestyle. We love them thank you!"
Love the Shake
"Very much enjoyed the shake - great taste - Can't believe it is Keto!"
Chocolate Keto protein shake
"Amazing! So delicious & creamy, not chalky at all. I mix it with 10 oz organic soy milk and 2 oz heavy whipping cream, I feel like I have eaten a four course meal when I am done. I enjoyed it so much I bought the other two flavors to try them out. "
Chealsy N.