Vanilla coconut cereal
"So far, great!! Easy snack or keto breakfast!"
Keto game changer!
"I'm fairly new to Keto and this has changed my life! So delicious, I actually prefer it to normal oatmeal, and so handy to be able to make breakfast so fast!"
Love this "cereal "
"Just love this yummy not- oatmeal! "
Desiree M.
Great low carb breakfast
"Love the se items.... maybe directions in larger print. Great quick breakfast idea"
Amazing taste. Can't tell the difference between this and real sugar. No upset stomach with this either.
"Amazing products!"
Simple, Tasty and Filling- A Great Breakfast Treat
"Love the Noat-Meal mixes. I rotate between vanilla and chocolate as part of my breakfast routine. I sprinkle some unsweetened coconut flakes on top for a bit of crunch. Fabulous!"
James W.
I love this!
"This stuff is bomb!🙌 I put it in my BPC...or just use hot water and add a little heavy cream. Best "Keto" product I've tried!!!"
Elizabeth D.
Perfect on the go option!
"Simple and easy option! I often make my own broth, but this is an easy option when I'm on the go. I loved the flavor and the chicken was great too, will definitely be reordering again soon! :)"
Carla H
Sweet Like Chocolate is so
"Sweet Like Chocolate is so incredibly delicious. My goodness. Great in coffee, water like a hot cocoa, smoothies and baking. Amazing"
I love this!
"I put iit in my BPC in the morning. Makes it so good!! Great product!"
Great Broth! Very tastey
"The broth is great and there is no waste as I had when I bought cartons of bone broth. I also bought the no-oat-meal low carb cereal in vanilla coconut. I love to eat it as a desert after dinner. I do eat it for breakfast sometimes as well, but so good ti can be a desert!"
Michelle K.
Really good.
"Love the chicken broth-are there samples of the beef"
Amy K.
Excellent choice for keto life!
"Best keto cereal I've had in over 10 years! Tasty and keto compatible. "
Joelle C.
Excellent customer service
"So excited that there's more ketogenic options for my lifestyle. Love the cereal and the both broth 😋"
Toni H.
Love it
"I keep my bone broth at work for a great quick lunch ."
Awesome keto cereal/oatmeal
"I'm in love with the Choco-nutty flavor. It's great when eaten as instructed; can also add more unsweetened almond milk and sliced almonds for a more traditional "chocolate cereal" meal. Love it!"
Drew L.
Tasty alternative
"Combine the noatmeal with Fairlife milk for a great low carb breakfast!"
Colin D.
Loved It
"I tried Keto Cereal for the first time in my sample pack from Keto Krate - I put off trying it not thinking I was going to like it, it sounded weird. I was sooooo wrong. I LOVE IT! And to think it's actually good for me and keeps me on my diet, I could eat it every day for every meal #InLove"
Elizabeth A.
Fantastic product
"I added water to the noat meal before heating it up, a splash of half and half and oh my wow was it delicious!! I got the chocolate and vanilla flavors and I love them both!"
Gayle C.
"Excelent low carb option....yum!"
Great product!
"I love how quick and easy the Low carb cereal is. This product gives me a fast, healthy, and high fat breakfast for the whole family to eat on those busy school day mornings. Are favorite is the Vanilla Coconut. "
Anthony D.
Just like oatmeal!!
"This stuff is just like oatmeal but without all the carbs!!! Both the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors are amazing. If you want an easy, hot, keto breakfast, this is the stuff to get!! I will definitely be ordering again."
Royce G.
Chicken bone broth
"Really love it!! I have had a bad cold and this has been awesome to have. I love the ease and availability of it!"
Amy K.
Love this stuff I love coconut it's the bomb
"Doing low carb I missed my fiber specially oatmeal. This more than makes up for it love it love it good for a sweet snack to"
maggie k.
Finally a replacement for oatmeal.
"I really enjoyed this product, it's not (of course) identical to oatmeal, but it's as close as I think you could possibly get. I make mine with water and then add heavy whipping cream for a little extra fat, love the taste and texture!"
Michael S.
Such an easy treat
"I received the vanilla noatmeal in my KetoKrate and loved it. I was excited to see there was also a chocolate hazelnut option. I use this as an evening snack sometimes! Both are delicious in their own rights, they are great with a dollop of greek yogurt on top, or sugar free jam, or heavy cream, or just plain. The best part is knowing all the ingredients are Keto friendly! LOVE IT"
Karen n.
"Amazing taste. Its hard to not eat it everyday!"
Drew H.
"I added some berries and nuts. I I wish I could find a place locally to buy it."
My new daily breakfast
"Easy. Delicious. Guilt-free. 💗"
Lindsay M.
Finally low carb breakfast options!
"I LOVE this (n)oatmeal! Not only does it smell amazing, but cold or hot it TASTES amazing too. You really cant beat being low carb and loving it! I use only one scoop because I find 2 scoops filling, so each bag lsts me just a little longer, though I find myself having to hold back from having it for dessert too! It's not too sweet, I think it's perfectly balanced when cold, I add one drop of sweetener when I cook it and it's amazing!"
Jeanine G.