Million Dollar Beef Dip

Million Dollar Beef Dip


If you’re in need of a quick and easy dip that everyone will love then look no further than this Million Dollar Beef Dip. Traditionally this dip is made with bacon but we decided to give this dip a beefy makeover. Dried beef is almost always used to make cream chip beef but it actually work perfect in this recipe. The thinly sliced jerky like flavor of the dried beef combined with Ketologie Smoky Beef Bone Broth makes this low carb dip a family favorite. 

Pro Tip*  Make sure the cream cheese is completely softened before mixing. Set the cream cheese out the morning of to give it time to reach room temperature. If you’re in a hurry just microwave 20 seconds at a time until soft. Just make sure to remove the foil wrapper before microwaving.

Prep time: 10 minutes 

Total of 20 servings



16 oz Cream Cheese

1 cup Mayonnaise 

¾ cup Cheddar Cheese 

2 scoops Ketologie Smoky Beef Bone Broth 

½ cup thinly sliced scallions 

4 oz Dried Beef (diced)

¼ cup Sliced Almonds


Combine room temperature softened cream cheese with mayonnaise, mix until smooth.

Fold in remaining ingredients, reserve a pinch of the dried beef and scallions as garnish.

Serve with your favorite low carb dippers like veggies, pork rinds, cheese crisps or seed crackers.



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