Piña Colada

Piña Colada



2 servings 5 minutes prep time

Escape to the Islands this summer with this refreshing Ketogenic Beverage. All joy no guilt just the way we like it.

Shopping List

Ketologie Pineapple Ketones and Probiotics

Ketologie Vanilla Keto Shake

Coconut Milk Powder


3 cups of water

1 scoop, Pineapple Ketones and Probiotics

2 Scoops, Vanilla Keto Shake

3 Tbsp Coconut Milk Powder

20 Ice Cubes


Add water to shaker or blender add dry powders and shake well.

Add 10 cubes of ice to each glass pour Virgin Piña Colada and serve!




  • wendy

    Just WOW! This is delicious. I’ve been keto for over 4 years, and have reaped several health benefits, most of all decreasing flares of lupus. That said, I am not what you’d call a “here ketoer” who absolutely has to get rid of all sweets.. granted, it was a huge enough adjustment to eliminate bread, pasta, potatoes ,starchy veg, candy, cake, cookies pastry and ice cream.. and on and on and on! SO believing that has contributed to the bulk of my success and I have not cheated, I still do enjoy sweet creamy things! Have been enjoying the Choc Vanilla and Strawberry shakes for a couple of years now and am beyond thrilled with the Pineapple Ketones ProBiotic. Most delicious treat in a long time, plus if I have unknowingly strayed and eaten something that might compromise my ketosis, I am covered! This is a must try if you love pineapple and/or miss fruits, terribly which I do. Once in a while a half a peach or a cherry here or there.. this allows me to stray a tiny bit without consequences. I’m looking forward to trying the blueberry next!

  • Laura Fagan

    Absolutely delicious
    Thanks for the recipe

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