May is National BBQ Month and Grilling Season is in full swing. With Memorial Day right around the corner we figured this was the perfect opportunity to share this Keto Friendly Rib Rub Recipe. Sometimes ribs can be a bit intimidating but this easy baby back rib rub is so tasty it will fake out any pitmaster. Using our Sweet Like Sugar substitute  to make a simple sugar free bbq dry rub will give your ribs outstanding flavor without the carbs.


Using the back of a spoon or a paring knife remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. Once you separate a little piece of the membrane use a paper towel to remove the entire membrane in one pull.

Next give your ribs a light coating of yellow mustard, this will help tenderize the ribs and helps the rub stick to the meat as well . Next coat the bottom side of the ribs with rub by sprinkles the rub generously so that all of the meat is covered. Flip the rack over and repeat on the top side of the ribs.

If you’re going to cook your ribs in the oven roast the ribs for 1 hour at 300 degrees F. Then wrap the ribs with heavy duty foil and bake for another 60-90 minutes. Unwrap the foil and use the juices to baste the ribs and serve dry or use your favorite low carb bbq sauce.

For the more advanced grilling enthusiasts a simple method to smoke your ribs is to use kettle style grill. Simply build your coals on one side of the grill, once the coals are hot add soaked wood chips to the hot coals and place your ribs on the grill grates on the opposite side of the coals. Use the damper to control the heat aiming for a temperature around 300-325. Cook for 1 hour until the ribs have a deep amber color. Wrap in heavy duty foil and continue to cook for another 60-90 minutes until tender.

pro tip* use a toothpick to see if the ribs are tender by gently poking the ribs in between the bones at the thickest part of the rack. The toothpick should puncture the meat with almost no tension. If the ribs feel tough continue cooking wrapped until the ribs become tender.


¼ cup Paprika

1 tbsp Onion Powder

1 tbsp Garlic Powder

1 tbsp Chili Powder

2 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp black Pepper

½ tbsp cumin

¼ cup Sweet Like Sugar or Swerve



Combine all ingredients in a bowl and store at room temperature in an airtight container.


Nutritional info

*We have subtracted the sugar acohols from the total carb count in the information above, therefore the Total Carbohydrate reflects the Total Net Carbohydrate.