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Ignite your health goals with our wide range of keto-friendly offerings. From Keto Shakes to Bone Broth Soups, we are here to support you every step of the way towards optimal health.

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As the chill of winter wraps around us, staying healthy and nourished becomes more important than ever. At Ketologie®, we've expanded our range of savory options to keep you satisfied, warm, and on track with your health goals.

Chocolate Keto Collagen shake
Carla S.★★★★★


The chocolate keto shake is a phenomenal meal replacement. I mix two scoops with almond milk as a snack or treat! This shake tastes better than any regular chocolate shake and keeps you in ketosis!!! Heaven!!

Strawberry Keto Collagen Shake
Jaime T.★★★★★

Two thumbs up!

This is the first keto shake that I don’t feel the need to doctor up. No chalky taste, great strawberry flavor!

Roast Chicken Collagen Bone Broth Soup

Delicious & convenient!

I'm in love with this bone broth! I love that I can have it in my pantry and within a minute I can have delicious and healthy bone broth without going to all the work to make it myself! :yum: It tastes so good!!!!

Banana Keto Collagen Shake
Rachelle L.★★★★★

I’m bananas over this!

This is by far the most delicious shake I have ever had! Such an unbelievably awesome flavor. This has such a true creamy banana flavor. I just can’t thank you enough for this banana goodness!

John C★★★★★

Way to go… Vanilla Keto Protein Shake

It is exceptional in taste and fills me for a good part of the day. I have tried others vanilla products for other companies and Ketologie is the best tasting. Absolutely love this shake…

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