Chicken Queso (Bone Broth Collagen Soup) - 14.8oz

Attention, foodies and keto lovers! Discover the exceptional Ketologie Chicken Queso Bone Broth Collagen Soup - a flavor-packed and nutrient-rich masterpiece that you won't be able to resist. Enjoy 22g of protein and 12.5g of bovine collagen (types 1, 2 & 3) with every hearty spoonful of our soup. Only 3g of net carbs? Yes, you read that right. Plus, our soup is gluten-free and soy-free, perfect for those with dietary restrictions. The convenient scoop that comes with it makes serving and portion control simple and straightforward. Grab your spoon and experience the unbeatable taste and health benefits of Ketologie Chicken Queso Bone Broth Collagen Soup.

Key Features:

22g of Protein12,500mg - Type 1, 2 & 3 CollagenChicken Bone BrothNo Artificial FlavorsGluten Free

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Discover the natural secret to supporting skin resilience and joint health with bovine collagen. Rich in essential amino acids, our grass fed collagen source nourishes your body from within, helping to maintain the strength and flexibility of vital tissues. Embrace the potential for improved skin elasticity and joint function with this easily absorbable form of collagen, designed to invigorate your overall well-being.

Savor the wellness-promoting power of Chicken Bone Broth in our soups, a celebrated source of Type II collagen, renowned for its incredible joint and cartilage support. Packed with valuable amino acids and minerals, our Chicken Bone Broth not only helps to provide foundational support for your bones and joints but also helps to foster a healthy gut, supporting digestion and immune function.


2g FAT
12,500mg COLLAGEN


Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen, Chicken Bone Broth Powder, Spice Blend (Chili Powder (Chile Pepper, Cumin, Salt, Oregano, Salt, Onion, Cumin, Spices, Pepper, Garlic), Cheese Powder (Cheddar Cheese (Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, & Enzymes), Whey, Buttermilk, Salt & Disodium Phosphate), Nutritional Yeast, Xanthan Gum.

Contains: Milk.

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1. Measure & Pour: Begin by measuring out 8oz of hot water and pouring it into a large mug or bowl. Our metal shaker bottles are the perfect shape & size for blending in.

2. Add Bone Broth Powder: Add 2 scoops (35g) of bone broth powder to the hot water.

3. Blend Well: For optimal consistency and a smooth finish, use a coffee frother wand or a stick immersion blender to mix thoroughly until well combined.

4. Customize (optional): For a richer taste and added creaminess, blend in your preferred fat, such as a dash of cream or MCT oil. You can also add your favorite meat, veges or low carb noodles too! :)

Chicken Queso (Bone Broth Collagen Soup) - 14.8oz

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