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The link between stress, cortisol and poor health is now well known.  Many people notice a correlation between stress and their eating patterns – either under or over-eating, or eating unhelpful foods depending on what kind of a ‘day’ they’ve had.

This seemingly simple everyday thing we do is actually a major problem for a lot of people. Good health begins with rest and recovery - the scientific evidence is clear that quality sleep works to support a well-functioning immune system.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and with that comes the opportunity to let go of old habits and make new ones. Get the scoop on the ketogenic eating strategy (the what, the why, the how).
If you are new to keto, you may have heard people talk about the dreaded “keto flu”. Sounds awful, right? And it is! Fortunately, it’s also super easy to prevent or reverse it.

A healthy and diverse diet is, of course, your #1 means to promote a well-functioning gut. Here are a few useful facts about probiotics...