Kickstart a Keto or LCHF lifestyle with out low carb range of meal plans.


Experience the results of a low carb lifestyle. Simply choose the duration you'd like and then customize your plan according to your flavor preferences.

Many of our customers report the following improvements and the program has helped with;


How It Works


Low carb shakes, collagen bone broths, ketones and along and email support.No added sugar and super low in natural fructose. We use only the highest quality ingredients in all of our cleansing products.


Select your favorite flavors and add extra products to suit your preferences.


Nationwide delivery.

The 21 Day Keto Kickstart Program

Whether you're looking to reset and get back into ketosis or transition to the ketogenic way of eating for the first time, our 21 Day Keto Kickstart Program is the perfect option.

Our unique program provides you with all the essential tools you need to successfully navigate your journey: both sweet and savory products that work both on their own, and as ingredients in a wide range of easy-to-prepare, Very Low Carb High Fat (VLCHF) meals.

Our 21 Day Keto Kickstart Program contains:

1 x Sweet Like Sugar - Sugar Replacement
1 x Keto Shake (Chocolate Shake)
1 x Bone Broth (Roast Chicken)
1 x Exogenous Ketones (Pineapple)

1 x Recipe E-book

1 x meal planner e-book

1 x 21 day email educational series 

Optional extras:

Ketologie Shaker bottle

Ketologie cooler/carry bag

Collagen Protein

Ti Tonics White Tea & Collagen Elixirs

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7 Day Keto Fast Start

Get back into ketosis FAST with this awesome package deal.

For those of you who may have gone off track and are looking to switch back on your natural fat-burning abilities, then we are here to help you, right now. 

What you need is a 7 Day Keto FAST START so that you feel reset, re-energized, and ready to rock the rest of the year! Once you’re back in ketosis you’ll have the inspiration and motivation that comes from being powered by ketones to keep the momentum going from there. 

The process is easy, really.

  1. Enjoy a delicious Ketologie keto shake (made with just ice water!) at your usual breakfast time. 
  2. Banish sugar cravings, replenish your electrolytes and fix up your gut with a refreshing Probiotic BHB drink mid-morning.
  3. Make yourself either a second shake or a keto-friendly lunch from your Ketologie recipe book. 
  4. Further top up your electrolytes and nourish your gut with a warm and tasty Bone Broth mid-afternoon (just add hot water!) 
  5. Enjoy a satisfying and healthy keto evening meal and/or dessert, again using your Ketologie recipe book.  

It’s as simple as that!!

Keto 7 Day Keto Fast Start includes:

            1 x  Keto Shake (Chocolate)

     .      1 x Ketones + Probiotic drink  (Pineapple)

            1 x Collagen Bone Broth (Chicken)

Optional extras:

            1 x Shaker Bottle
             Ketologie Shaker bottle

             Ketologie cooler/carry bag

             Collagen Protein

             Ti Tonics White Tea & Collagen Elixirs


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