Recipes & more...

For those who miss a little bread from time to time, then here's a special treat for you to sink your Keto teeth into! ;)
Looking for a yummy jam to add to your favorite low carb bread? Here's a great recipe for you! :)
For those who love a delicious high fat strawberry smoothie then this one's for you! Developed by our friend @keepingitlowcarb.
For those of you that love an old fashioned lemonade, but don't want the sugar then this recipe is for you! 
Our Keto shakes make a great pancake! Check out this recipe for the Perfect Keto Pancakes... We love this one with chopped pecans. 
For those of you who love cornbread - but don't love the carbs - this is the recipe for you!! Tried and tested by Team Ketologie, this is a winner!
This delicately spiced, nourishing latte is creamy and delicious thanks to the coconut oil and collagen in our Vanilla keto shake.
This is a beautifully simple yet delicious and satisfying family meal. While it is a 'curry', it's not super spicy. Serve with cauliflower 'faux' rice. Delish! 
Try this No-Oat-Meal breakfast cereal that uses our two new high fat Keto Shakes. The cold version tastes just like dessert!
This low carb treat is perfect for those of you who want to have your berries and eat them too ;)